EVACopy v7.2 (build 24.2123) direct download link is here.

If the link above is broken, follow the download link at the sourceforge page.
Download the archive and extract to a folder of your choice.
Note: the documentation is still for v5.2, this will be updated shortly.

How To Upgrade

Quit EVACopy, and backup the current EVACopy program folder (just in case).
Download the archive and extract to the current EVACopy program folder, overwrite all files.
Launch EVACopy as usual, check a few jobs and verify everything still works as before.

How To Integrate WinMergePortable
(this needs to be done only once)

1) Download WinMergePortable into EVACopy program folder, where LaRVe is located.
2) Launch the portable installer, let it extract the files into the subfolder "WinMergePortable".
3) Add WinMerge Plugin to compare Word/Excel/PDF files, and many others.

How To Use WinMergePortable

From LaRVe, select the version you wish to compare against the source file, and click the "Compare" button.

Language files: (download the selected language directly into EVACopy folder)

      French       German       Hebrew       Italian       Nederlands

Or download all available languages here, then extract the files into EVACopy folder.

Source codes (v5.2) are available here.